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Current Display Highlights

October 2017: The Westland Historic Village Park presents "Making Our Mark: Michigan Historical Markers in Westland"

See artifacts from the collection of the city of Westland's museum related to our nine official Michigan Historical Markers including a lunchbox dating to before World War II, actual pieces of an original Ford Model T, and original arrowheads found in our All-American City, just to name a few. The green signs may stand permanently, but this exhibit won't. This is a rare opportunity to see some of these objects before they go back into private collections or into our storage, so don't miss out!

Use Our Display Space

Do you have a noteworthy collection, hobby or interest? Do you belong to a club or an organization that does activities that would interest the public? Then consider doing a public display at our Library. We have a large three-tiered glass display unit with attached bulletin boards for your use. Displays are scheduled in advance; individuals or groups may schedule month-long displays.

Please refer to the Request to Use Library Exhibit Space & Policy form for details. Give the library a call if you are interested in providing a display.

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