Westland Library Millage 2021

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A Note from the Director

My first day here I knew there was something special about the Westland Library. Patrons were warm and welcoming, introducing themselves to the new staff and sitting down to chat with me and share their experiences. I could tell the citizens of Westland took great pride in their library, and I am proud to be a part of it for the last four years. We strive to build on our solid community and bring people of all interests together. The community told us what it expects of us, and we have gladly responded. The unwavering support and enthusiasm are what keep our staff going, and we truly appreciate the continued patronage. Together, I know we will keep doing great things.

Jennifer Roth, Director

Table of Contents

Ballot Information

On August 3rd, 2021, Westland residents can vote on extending the millage for the William P. Faust Public Library. On the ballot, voters can choose either "yes" or "no" to the following:

"Shall the City of Westland levy new additional millage of up to .85 mill against all taxable real and tangible personal property for a 10-year period beginning with tax year 2022 and ending with tax year 2031, for the William P. Faust Public Library, for the purpose of providing funds for all Library purposes authorized by law? 0.85 mill are equal to $0.85 on each $1,000.00 of taxable value. If approved, the additional millage levied will raise approximately $1.45 million the first year it is levied. The millage will be levied on the Annual Winter Tax Bill."

What is a millage?

According to Michigan.gov, "A millage rate is the rate at which property taxes are levied on property. A mill is 1/1000 of a dollar. Property taxes are computed by multiplying the taxable value of the property by the number of mills levied." This millage focuses solely on funding the William P. Faust Public Library.

Our last millage was approved in 2012, which allowed us to retain excellent service over the last decade, including expanding to new programs and services, and maintain operations during the COVID-19 pandemic. It expires in July 2022.

What will millage approval mean?

An approved millage means we can continue to offer our high quality of services and programs. This millage is strictly for operating costs, including staffing, regular upkeep of our building, and services.

Why are we asking for renewal during a pandemic?

Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the William P. Faust Public Library has worked tirelessly to ensure that we meet the community's needs. We seized the opportunity to expand our electronic material collection by providing more access to streaming titles for movies, music, and books. Additionally, we expanded services to online library card sign-ups, book bundles, virtual programs such as storytimes and take-home crafts while still providing computer usage and checking out physical materials. The millage would help ensure that these services continue through the pandemic and beyond.

How much will this cost taxpayers?

Instead of asking for a renewal of the current 0.975 rate, the William P. Faust Public Library asks for a reduced rate of 0.85 mill. We determined that, even with this decrease in taxes, we can maintain the same quality services. It also allows us to give back in response to all your support during this challenging time. For the taxpayers, the cost varies, but:

If your house is worth... You will only pay...
$150K $63.00/year
$130K $55.20/year
$110K $38.25/year
$90K $38.25/year
$70K $29.75/year

Millage FAQ

The ballot language says "new additional millage." Are we voting for a renewal of a current millage or a new millage?

Westland voters are voting to renew the current additional millage at a lower rate. Two separate millages fund the library, the initial millage approved by Westland City Council and an additional millage voted on by Westland residents. The proposed "new additional millage" would replace the voter-approved 2012-2021 additional millage and would lower the current rate of .975 mills to .85 mills.

What happens if voters do not approve the library millage?

This millage supports our operating costs. If not approved, it will impact the library's operation across the board. Decreased funding will reduce services in all areas.

Why is the new library millage lower than the previous library millage?

We have all had to make tough decisions during this challenging time to tighten our belts, and the library is no different. By reworking our budget, we determined this reduced rate allows us to offer our full range of excellent services while giving back to the community that generously supports us.

What will happen to my city property taxes if voters approve the new millage?

Since the William P. Faust Public Library is asking for 0.85 mill instead of the current 0.975 mill, there will be a lower tax rate for taxpayers on this millage.

How, when, and where do I vote?

How to vote

There are many ways to register to vote in Michigan. You can register up to 8 PM on Election Day at any time, but it is better to register as soon as possible. If you have any questions about registering, contact the Westland City Clerk or learn more at the Michigan Voter Information Center.

When to vote
  • Election day is August 3rd, 2021, and polls will be open from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM.
  • Absentee voting is also available. July 30th, 2021, is the last day to request a ballot by mail. You can request an absentee ballot by contacting your local clerk's office.
Where to vote

If you vote by absentee ballot, turn it in on time. If you vote in person, you can check via the Michigan Voter Information Center for your polling location.

Where is the question about the millage located on the ballot?

The question about the millage is located at the very end of the ballot on the last page.

How is the library being used?

On average, the William P. Faust Public Library has 225,000 visits a year, in addition to 75,000 more visits through our website. Those visits come from our extensive programming and collection. We average over 1,000 programs a year, with patron attendance reaching 31,000; 300,000 items are circulated yearly in digital and physical formats.

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