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    1. Go to a page of this tutorial.
    2. From the Main Menu across the top of your screen, choose File -> Save as...
    3. When the Save as window appears:
      • Retype the filename in the following pattern: page#.html (# is the number of the page originally shown.)
      • On the line "Save as type" click the down arrow and change from "Web Page html" to "Text file [*.txt].
    4. Create a new directory.
    5. Open new directory.
    6. Click save.
    7. Repeat this for each Mouserobics page.

    Repeat the above for all pages.

    For images:

    1. Place arrow on picture.
    2. Hold down right mouse button
    3. Select "save image as ..."
    4. Make sure you are in the same directory as the rest of the pages. (The images are NOT in seperate directory or a subdirectory.)
    5. Click "save."

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Several people posted this tutorial on their Web sites.

Chris Rippel
Central Kansas Library System
Great Bend, Kansas

Welcome to Mouserobics!

Click the underlined two below. Here is how

  1. Rest heel of your hand on the table in front of the mouse.
  2. Hold the mouse between thumb and ring and little fingers.
  3. Use thumb and fingers to move the tip of the arrow onto the underlined two.


  4. When the arrow becomes a pointing finger,
    hold the mouse still
  5. Lightly click the mouse button with your index finger.

    • If your mouse has more than one button, click the left Left mouse button mouse button.
    • If the next page doesn't appear after you click, you aren't holding the mouse still when clicking.
      The lighter you click the better clicking works.
      Keep trying.