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Last Days
Adam Nevill

Documentary-filmmaker Kyle Freeman is flat broke and uncertain about what the future holds for his career. Determined to make movies his way, Kyle is pleased when he is offered a large sum of money to make a movie about the doomed cult, the Temple of the Last Days. Tasked with studying the supernatural elements of the cult (what the members described as "the presences"), Kyle and his camerman travel from England, to France, and finally to the Arizona desert, where the Temple self-destructed in a grisly bloodbath. On their disastrous journey to make a hit documentary, they discover much more about the Temple's devious, manipulative leader, Sister Katherine, and that the presences she conjured did not perish along with the cult.

Apr 21, 2014
Denise Duhamel

This is poet Denise Duhamel's 4th collection and what a humorous, heartbreaking, angry, and touching collection it is. Centered mostly around the end of her marriage (and the spark of something new), Duhamel is the best friend you never had tell you all the things you wanted to know (but were too afraid to ask). She writes in free verse mostly, but this is a narrative confessional poetry that reads a lot like a first-person novel. Readers will identify with the poet whether woman or man (who hasn't been blindsided in a relationship?) and cheer for her when she finally finds someone to share her creative and personal life with. Recommended.

Oct 2, 2013
The Art Forger
B.A. Shapiro

This art-rich story from Shapiro revolves around an art heist that occurred 20 years prior (actual event), one in which a Degas masterpiece was stolen. Now that masterpiece is in outcast artist Claire Roth’s studio (or is it?). Handsome and sly gallery owner, Aiden Markel, has brought it to her so she can paint a forgery which he will sell off- and then, supposedly, return the original to the museum. Claire’s own history as an apprentice (and forger) for a contemporary artist and lover of hers plays well into this story of who-done-it and where-is-it-now. A lot of interesting discussion about art world forgeries (its processes) and collecting, the politics of art museums, plus a love interest and some police procedural give this story a little bit of something for everyone without losing interest or momentum. 

Aug 17, 2013
Love's Winning Plays
Inman Majors

This is one fun football story that leatherheads and librarians (and anyone in between) can enjoy. Raymond Love is a graduate assistant for an elite college football school, one of two GA’s competing for a spot on the coaching staff under the vaunted Coach Von Drive (or CVD, as he likes to be called). All Love has to do is make sure the opera loving, beer guzzling defensive line coach doesn’t get into too much trouble that summer on the Pigskin Cavalcade through the small town South. Throw in a couple of romantic interests, some heated internet chat exhanges, and a there’s a barrel of laughs to be had on each page. Love makes for a winning narrator with his homespun charm and knack for getting in and out of trouble.  For sports fans and anyone seeking a good laugh.

Jul 30, 2013
The Fire Witness
Lars Kepler

A teen girl and a psychologist are killed at a juvenile home for troubled girls.  All clues point to another younger patient who has run off.  Joona Linna is sent to observe the case since he is under investigation by Internal Affairs.  He's not as convinced as the other police that the missing Vicky Bennett is the culprit.

Jul 23, 2013
A Conspiracy of Faith
Jussi Adler-Olsen

A message in a bottle leads Department Q to an unsolved kidnapping and murder.  Could it be that the perpetrator is still on the loose and committing more horrible crimes?  Carl Morck and his quirky assistants are on the case and also help solve a string of present-day arsons.

Jul 11, 2013
Girls of Riyadh book cover; gold embroidered lights surrounding the title in bright red
The Girls of Riyadh
Rajaa Alsanea

Ever wonder what it would be like to be a woman in Muslim-dominated Saudi Arabia? The Girls of Riyadh follows the lives of 4 young women from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, whose exploits and emotions are exposed through a secret friend’s email group (the book is set in 2004). It delves into many of the double standards women face at the hands of men, especially in terms of love. Gamrah is forced into an arranged marriage by her family, only to learn that the man she marries is in love with someone else. Gamrah, though, is treated like the outcast in Saudi society while her ex-husband is free to marry his true love. Most of the chapters are short but clever, like a 30 minute Sex in the City episode. Many of the characters are well off but tied to the cultural and religious standards of the country, which can mean interrogation by the Cultural (i.e. religious) Police for something as innocent as meeting a young man for coffee. This book is recommended read for anyone seeking a contemporary look into the lives of modern Muslim women.

Jun 27, 2013
Dan Brown

Famed art historian/professor Robert Langdon wakes up in a Florence, Italy hospital with no memory of how or why he got there.  Soon there are people who are out to kill him and his doctor Sienna.  Langdon's clues to what has happened in the past two days lies in a cryptic message referencing Dante's great work, Inferno.  Can he figure out who to trust and what ne needs to do in less than 24 hours??? 

Jun 1, 2013
The Stranger
Camilla Lackberg

A reality television show is being filmed in town and when one of its stars is found dead Patrick Hedstrom and his co-workers are on the case.  He also needs to investigate the apparent drunk driving death of a local woman that seems too suspicious to be suicide.  Ties to similar unsolved cases suggest that possibly a serial killer could be on the loose. 

May 28, 2013
The Day is Dark
Yrsa Sigurdardottir

Thora and her boyfriend Matthew are sent to Greenland to investigate why the employees of a mining company refuse to return to work.  Could it have something to do with the unsolved disappearances of three co-workers or the ancient belief that the land is cursed?

May 8, 2013

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