Internet Guide - Email/IM

Email online is often also called webmail. Each of the following sites offers a free email account (address).


Yahoo's webmail is free, simple and full-featured.


Hotmail is Microsoft's free webmail client.


Signing up for Google's Gmail requires a text-capable mobile phone or an invitation from an existing user.


AOL provides webmail without requiring an AOL Internet account.


Temporary, throwaway email accounts for guarding against spam.


Online application that allows you to check your home email account (works in most, but not all, cases).

Instant messenger clients allow you to send and receive text messages in real time with other IM users, like email without the wait. Using them requires that you and the person you'd like to talk to are on the same IM service. The following represent some of the more popular services:

AIM (AOL Instant Messenger)

An AIM screenname allows you to use AOL Instant Messenger Express, a web-based IM client.

Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo Messenger is another popular web-based IM client.

Google Chat

Web-based chat client connects to other Google and AIM users.

Windows Live!

This is Microsoft's web-based IM client (their desktop IM is at


Meebo allows you to log on to the more popular IM clients online, all in one place.

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