Library of Things

Welcome to a new era of borrowing at the Westland Public Library—where you can borrow experiences, hobbies, and tools just as easily as you borrow books.

Our innovative Library of Things opens up a world of exciting possibilities, empowering you to explore, create, and learn in ways you never imagined.

What is the Library of Things?

The Library of Things allows you to borrow physical objects for use at home or on the go. You now have access to a diverse collection of items that cater to your curiosity and interests. From tools to help your next household project to craft kits that awaken your artistic side, our collection is designed to inspire and enrich your life.

How It Works

  1. Browse: Explore our online catalog to discover the wide array of items available in the Library of Things.
  2. Reserve: Reserve the item you want. Items can be borrowed for a specific duration, just like books.
  3. Borrow: Pick up your reserved item from the library and embark on your adventure or project.
  4. Explore: Dive into a new experience, create something amazing, or learn a new skill.
  5. Return: When your loan period is over, return the items so others can enjoy it.

Benefits of the Library of Things

  • Cost-Effective: Borrowing items eliminates the need for purchasing expensive equipment that you might only use occasionally.
  • Sustainable: Sharing resources reduces waste and promotes a more sustainable lifestyle.
  • Exploration: Try new hobbies and experiences without committing to full ownership.
  • Learning: Experiment with new skills and tools in a risk-free environment.

What Can You Borrow?

Colorful figures and dices of ludo family board game.


Board games, puzzles, sports equipment, outdoor recreation, and more!

3d pen for creating volume plastic figures isolated on white background


Tech accessories, digital tools, audio equipment, and more!

Sewing accessories on a white background


Arts and crafts, gardening, ghost hunting, outdoor exploration, and more!

Kitchen utensil


Cooking and baking equipment, cleaning and organizing equipment, event supplies, and more!

Composition with a variety of metal tools


Hand tools, automotive tools, measurement and precision tools, and more!