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Meet Libby, an app built for OverDrive readers and listeners to discover and enjoy eBooks, audiobooks, and magazines. Libby was designed to help you get reading as quickly and seamlessly as possible. Get the app for your phone or tablet!

Getting Started

To get started with Libby you will need:

  • A valid Westland library card.
  • Make sure you are using a compatible device. Compatible devices include PCs, iPhones, iPads, Android phones, Kindles, and NOOK tablets. Check out the complete list.

Download the free app to your device or access it online:

Get more from Libby with our partner libraries!

The Westland Library, as part of The Library Network’s Download Destination, is now working with partner institutions to share Libby collections. This means that you can now have access to over 200,000 MORE titles!

Partner Libraries

  • Great Lakes Digital Libraries
  • Lakeland Digital Library
  • Mideastern Michigan Library Cooperative
  • Midwest Collaborative for Library Services
  • Metro Net Library Consortium
  • Suburban Library Cooperative
  • Traverse Area District Library
  • Up North Michigan Consortium
  • White Pine Library Cooperative
  • Woodlands Library Cooperative

How to Access a Partner Library

  1. In Libby, open the menu
  2. Select Add Library
  3. Search for one of the partner libraries listed above
  4. Select Sign In With My Card
  5. Under Partner Libraries, select Westland Public Library
  6. Enter your library card number and select Sign In
  7. Enjoy more titles to choose from and shorter wait times!

Need help getting started? Email a librarian at, stop by the Information desk, or give us a call at (734) 326-6123.